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Smart Workflow

System Transition

Data Backup

Problem Solving

Creating synergies between multiple programs to facilitate your workflow is crucial. For instance, linking your calendar with email programs, merging Windows with MacOS operating systems (migration), establishing and efficiently managing a photo database, and focusing on password management & data security. These integrations streamline processes and enhance productivity.

If you are currently using a different operating system (such as Microsoft, Android, etc.), I can assist you with the transition to the Apple ecosystem. We will carefully adapt your usage and habits to the new system, ensuring no data loss. I'll help you recognize and utilize all the benefits tailored to your needs.

Data backup and update management are critical topics that are often underestimated until data is actually lost. I will guide you in handling and creating system/app backups and performing updates.

Lost data retrieval, error message resolution, unsynchronized data, and full storage space are all familiar issues to many of us. However, they can often be resolved quickly!





Purchase Consultation

Setting Up New Devices

Consulting on Cloud Systems

Mobile Device Management

Which device is right for your needs and how much storage space do you actually need? In simple steps, we'll figure out together which device is perfect for your use and which configuration is optimal for you.

After the purchase, it's about setting up your existing programs on the new device. I help you ensure that the transition is easy and smooth. We also synchronize your existing programs and devices so that you can use everything optimally.

Data storage in a cloud is considered a secure place for your data. However, be careful - there are a few important things to consider.

Configure and manage Apple devices within an organization using Mobile Device Management (MDM).



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